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Data Privacy Statement

To verify your identity for a MOULa account with a cell/mobile phone text message, Cyan Worlds, Inc uses the Facebook Account Kit. Learn more about Facebook Account Kit here.

Cyan Worlds, Inc does not get access to any Facebook account information. The only thing Facebook returns to Cyan Worlds, Inc is a unique id number (that has no link or association with any Facebook account) and the verified phone number. Cyan Worlds, Inc will not share any information about your MOULa account or any information that it has with Facebook.

We do store the verified phone number with your account in the MOULa account database. No one outside of Cyan Worlds, Inc has access to this information. And it will not be used for any reason other than to verify your identity. Cyan will not contact you in any form using this verified phone number. We may contact you by the email address you provide.

Facebook does create a database of phone numbers that were used to create a MOULa account on the web site (also known as the "MystOnline:UruLive(MOULa)" app). Once your account is created for MOULa, you can remove your phone number from this Facebook database by going to: If you reset your password then your phone number will be re-added to the Facebook app database, which you can remove again.